From THE VALLEY OF FEAR & THE ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle & DRACULA, by Bram Stoker, read a story that is set to continue the hunt for Dracula by the world’s most famous detective, Sherlock Holmes.


LIFEBLOOD (book 1)

IMPERIAL (book 2)


THE GREAT WAR (book 3)




In the fog-laden streets of Victorian London, a sinister darkness descends upon the city. Bram Stoker’s legendary vampire, Dracula, has risen once again, driven by a thirst for vengeance against those who orchestrated his initial downfall. However, standing in his way is the indomitable detective, Sherlock Holmes.

“Lifeblood” takes readers on a mesmerizing journey as the iconic duo clash in a battle of wits and deduction that spans across two timeless literary worlds. Faced with an adversary unlike any he has encountered before, Holmes finds himself drawn into a labyrinthine web of mystery and terror.

With a keen intellect and unwavering determination, Holmes sets out on a quest to unravel the truth behind Dracula’s resurrection and protect the city from an impending bloodbath. As the night grows darker, the detective and his loyal companion, Dr. John Watson, race against time to solve the enigmatic puzzle that lies at the heart of the vampire’s sinister plans.

As the tension escalates, the line between reality and the supernatural becomes blurred, challenging Holmes’ rational mind and pushing him to his limits.

“Lifeblood” skillfully weaves together the atmospheric charm of Victorian London and the gothic horror of Stoker’s Dracula, captivating readers with its richly imagined world. In a battle of intellect and survival, Sherlock Holmes must face his most formidable adversary yet, combating the undead horrors that lurk in the shadows while protecting those he holds dear.

Will Holmes succeed in outwitting Dracula and thwarting his revenge-fueled rampage? Or will the immortal vampire claim his vengeance, plunging London into eternal darkness? Prepare to be enthralled as these literary legends collide in an unforgettable tale of suspense, terror, and the enduring power of human ingenuity.

“Seven years ago we all went through the flames; and the happiness of some of us since then is, we think, well worth the pain we endured. It is an added joy to Mina and to me that our boy’s birthday is the same day as that on which Quincey Morris died. His mother holds, I know, the secret belief that some of our brave friend’s spirit has passed into him. His bundle of names links all our little band of men together; but we call him Quincey.

In the summer of this year we made a journey to Transylvania, and went over the old ground which was, and is, to us so full of vivid and terrible memories. It was almost impossible to believe that the things which we had seen with our own eyes and heard with our own ears were living truths. Every trace of all that had been was blotted out. The castle stood as before, reared high above a waste of desolation.

When we got home we were talking of the old time, which we could all look back on without despair, for Godalming and Seward are both happily married. I took the papers from the safe where they had been ever since our return so long ago. We were struck with the fact, that in all the mass of material of which the record is composed, there is hardly one authentic document; nothing but a mass of typewriting, except the later note-books of Mina and Seward and myself, and Van Helsing’s memorandum. We could hardly ask any one, even did we wish to, to accept these as proofs of so wild a story.”



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